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I have dedicated the remainder of my career to demonstrating that over 90% of all vulnerable children will read at grade level by grade 2 if we implement the right strategies in Kindergarten and Grade 1. I have already demonstrated this in a pilot classroom of First Nations children; I am now working with over 100 classroom teachers in BC using the same strategies to demonstrate this will work in any classroom.

In 2007 British Columbia launched full-day Kindergarten with an emphasis on a play-based environment. While this was a good first step, literacy skills were de-emphasized and have, in many classrooms, been neglected in favour of the focus on play and inquiry. Unfortunately, we know now that vulnerable children (over 30% of kindergartners) also require explicit skill instruction in kindergarten and grade one in order to close the experiential gap that developed in their first four years. This can be achieved in a play-based classroom.

The British Columbia Summits are dedicated to communicating this message to other committed educators. The first three Summits focused on the importance of early intervention and featured international experts Richard Allington and Anne-McGill Franzen. This series was inspired by BC’s Dr. Clyde Hertzman of the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) who, unfortunately, passed away after the first Summit. The third Summit is dedicated to and celebrates his memory; he was my mentor and will always be my inspiration.

The 2014 Summits are the “How to…” series which feature the authors of the National Early Literacy Panel and well-known educational authors. Please reference The 2014 Summits for details; the Summit 4 flyer is available above.

I look forward to working with all those committed to creating a better world where vulnerable children can thrive.

Janet N. Mort PhD


Early Learning Inc.


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Dr. Janet Mort

Primary Interventions in BC: Step-by-Step Essentials for Implementation

His Legacy Lives On

A healthy start in life

gives each child an equal

chance to thrive and grow into

an adult who makes a positive

contribution to the community.

Clyde Hertzman

March 24, 1953 - February 8, 2013

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